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Welcome to Yumeng Lashes!

We are the manufacturer specializing in the super quality 3D Mink Lashes, 25MM Mink Eyelashes, 3D Silk Lashes, Clear Band lashes. In order to expand bigger market and influence, we make and offer our lashes to you final customers directly in the end! 

We designed and created the concept of 3D eyelashes that you known today ! Our stylized designs of 3D mink fur eyelashes make your eyes totally different! Natural, or Dramatic, or Glam, or Luxury...... Anyway, due to the unique originality, Yumeng Lashes sold will never be the same on the street !

Every hair of Yumeng Lashes is processed by the special craft. They look velvet, fluffy just like our own natural eyelashes... We provide the best lashes design to meet any look a lady is looking for, also we can customized design according to your eye shape and help you achieve the look you desire. Every worker in Yumeng Lashes factory must be above 3-years experience in the line. They are skilled, ingenious, patient .... We are dedicated to making every detail of our products perfect to help you be more perfect.

Only the lash vendor directly, no the trade companies! The best quality, the affordable price! Choose Yumeng Lashes. You choose satisfaction and confidence!

Join us! Enjoy your wonderful life!